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Brunton is a manufacturer of high end technical outdoor adventure gear. Based in Riverton, Wyoming, Brunton is well known for its specialized compass, the Brunton Pocket Transit, which is commonly known as a Brunton Compass. In 2006, Fiskars Corporation acquired Silva Group of Sweden, which is the parent company of Brunton. Under the corporate banner of Fiskers, Brunton currently operates as part of the Gerber Legendary Blades division.

Part of the Brunton product range is a series a high quality optics designed to meet the rugged demands of the outdoor adventurer. Brunton's optics are built for high end performance, and like all Brunton innovative products they are designed for the rigors of wilderness.

Brunton's line of binoculars is well known for its fantastic quality across all there product ranges. They offer over 20 different pairs of binoculars, enough to cover what any hardcore backwoods adventurer may need, and they also boast that they make the best binocular on earth. Their Epoch range of binoculars has set the bar on performance for all binoculars and with a unlimited lifetime warranty it just well could be the best binocular in the world.


Brunton has four ranges of binoculars, going from high-end performance to models perfect for the weekend warrior. At the top end of Brunton's binocular offering is the legendary Epoch range, known as the best binocular in the world. The Epoch models are some of the most rugged binoculars available and are built to exacting standards for superior performance. Their other ranges are the rugged Eterna, the sorting Echo, and the just above entry-level Lite-Tech ranges. All models are made to Brunton's high quality standards and they are an excellent choice when looking for some serious optics.


The binoculars offered by Brunton have the following magnifications across their whole product line-up: 7X, 7.5X, 8X, 8.5X, 10X, 10.5X, 11X, 12X and 15X. They also offer an Epoch model with zoom magnification of 8X-15X.

Objective Lens:

Brunton binoculars have objective lenses starting 21mm and going up to 63mm on their E.L.O. (extra large objective) models, which are the largest models that they make.

Field Of View (F.O.V.):

The field of view on Brunton binoculars is narrowest at 200 ft. at 1000 yd. for the Eterna E.L.O. models at 15X, with their wide angle Echo model being the widest at 492 ft. at 1000 yd.

Product Offering:

Although Brunton has a comparatively small range of binoculars compared to other binocular manufacturers, their focus is on high performance outdoor adventure equipment. All the models in their line-up are built with the latest innovations in technology and materials in mind to perform well under any conditions.

Brunton is an outdoor company. Along with binoculars, their other optic products include spotting scopes, monoculars, rifle scopes, range finders, and a full line of accessories for these products. They also make stoves and cookware for camping and backpacking, headlamps, portable power solutions, lighters, and other equipment and instruments. Brunton is also well known for their compasses, including their famous Brunton Compass.

Price Range:

Don't be put off by Brunton binoculars, because high performance usually means high price. Brunton's lower end models start at $40 and they have many products between this and the highest end listing at $2,600.


Brunson offers two different warranties, dependingt on which model you choose. All binoculars are covered with a limited lifetime warranty that covers you from defects in materials and workmanship. However, if you go with the high-end Epoch series, your binoculars will be covered by an unlimited lifetime warranty. No matter how you abuse or misuse your Brunton Epoch binoculars they guarantee to replace or repair them at no charge to you. In fact, they will even ship you a loaner pair while you are waiting to get yours fixed. No wonder they call them the best binocular in the world.

Popular Brunton Binoculars:

A popular Brunton model is the Eterna Mid Size 8X32 binocular. This good-looking BAK-4 roof prism model has 8X magnification with a 32mm objective lens and features 16mm eye relief, perfect for eyeglasses. This a rugged waterproof model with ergonomic body armor built to Brunton's rugged standards. The multi-coated lenses offer superior clarity, brightness and definition for a mid sized binocular. This model is a great buy for serious enthusiasts.

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