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Steiner Optik was founded in 1947 by Karl Steiner and is located in Bayreuth, Germany. They originally started manufacturing many optical devices, but eventually decided to put their efforts into making the best binoculars. With all resources going toward binocular production, they're able to make high-quality and professional binoculars.

Since the beginning, Steiner has focused on optic technology and the creation thereof. Steiner developed many industry firsts, raising the standards for other companies, including the integrated compass, lens coating that protects against UV radiation, and pocket binoculars.

With all resources going into the production of binoculars, Steiner is one of the largest manufacturers of quality binoculars. These binoculars are manufactured for all sorts of activities, casual or professional. There are binoculars for birding, outdoor viewing, and hunting, but also for use in the military and marines as implied by their series naming including the Predator, Nighthunter, and Military/Marine series.


Steiner breaks up their binoculars into 10 series. The Predator series is great for hunters with their high contrast optics, the Nighthunter series is designed for viewing in low light conditions, the Merlin models are a rugged, comfortable model, and the Wildlife Pro are compact and designed for traveling.

They also have a Peregrine and Peregrine XP with great color and brightness. The Safari Pro series has lens coatings to protect against UV and glare. For professionals there's the Commander and Marine, Military/Marine, and the Military R and Police Series.


There are only fixed magnifications available on the Steiner binoculars. The magnification factors available are 6X, 7X, 8X, 8.5X, 10X, 10.5X, 12X, 15X, and 20X. For the highest magnification, the Military R & Police Series 20X80 Military has the most you can get from a Steiner model. Seven of the eight Commander & Marine Series models have the 7X, with the exception of the 8X Navigator model.

Objective Lens:

Steiner's binocular objective lenses range from 22m to 80mm. Two models in the Military R & Police Series have the highest 80mm objective lenses, the 15X80 and the 20X80. The second highest is only 56mm and that’s the 12X56 Nighthunter XP. Both the Predator series and Safari Pro have a 22mm model with an 8X magnification.

Field Of View (F.O.V.):

The F.O.V. on Steiner binoculars will range from 165 ft. to 432 at 1000 yd. Very few models find themselves on the lower end of that scale as more than half have more than 300 ft. F.O.V. range. The model at the top of the range is the 6X30 Military R from the Military R & Police Series and the 165 ft. is on the 20X80 Military of the same series. The 20X80 trades some range for added magnification.

Product Offering:

There are 47 models and ten series of binoculars available from Steiner, including the Nighthunter series with bright, high resolution optics for low light conditions. This allows the user to see at night without the need for an electronic model. They also have the Safari Pro series with glare and UV blocking optics.

Where most binocular manufacturers tend to make other optical devices such as rifle scopes and monoculars, Steiner only produces binoculars. They have a larger product because they focus on binoculars and this makes them a true binocular specialist.

Price Range:

Steiner binoculars have a wide range of prices, just like their product line. You can get the least expensive model, the Steiner 8X22 Safari, for a mere $89.99. The most expensive model is the Steiner 10X44 Peregrine XP, available for $1,629.99. The average cost of them all is mid range, with approximately the same number of low, medium, and high cost models available.


The binocular warranties differ depending on the series and model of binoculars you decide to get. Even two models in the same series could have a different warranty, but all are limited warranties. Some have a 10 year warranty and some have a 30 year warranty, but with even the 10 year warranty you're more likely to want a new pair of binoculars before needing to pay to repair the old ones, as long as the problem was not caused by misuse. The limited warranty only covers manufacturing defects, not user error or wear and tear. The Steiner website includes a six step warranty registration form to register your binoculars online.

Popular Steiner Binoculars:

The pair of binoculars choice from Steiner's product list is the 7X50 Marine in the Commander and Marine series. The 7X50 Marine is a high performance 7X50 pair for about $300, which will perform better than other binoculars for that price. Built in Germany, the outside of the 7X50 Marine is made with black rubber for a good grip, even when wet and its water/shock proof. They can be used, giving the full field of view, while wearing sun or eyeglasses since it has a 20mm eye relief. The optic lenses are fully multi-coated with light transmission peaking over 90 percent, making them ideal for low lighting conditions. All that and a 10 year limited warranty. You'll probably get a new set of binoculars before your warranty runs out.

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