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Swift Sport Optics was established in the 1920s amidst the economic boom of the decade. They roughed the poor economic times that followed and continued to expand, bringing new innovations to the world of sport optics. This staying power has helped them become a trusted brand, providing quality binoculars to birdwatchers, outdoorsmen, and everyone looking to observe their surroundings

Swift utilizes quality features that have been honed from over 80 years of business experience. They are dedicated to providing technologically innovative products to meet the demand of customers by collecting information from the people who use their binoculars. By listening to user feedback, they can create the finest pairs of binoculars their customers will find practical.

Their binoculars are best suited for the casual observer. Many of the binoculars they make have a high field of view, which makes them great for keeping an eye on potentially fast moving objects. They have many models suited toward bird watching, like the Eaglet 8X42, or for the outdoors, like the Reliant 8X40 with a porro prism.


Swift has several groups of binoculars available. They have Premier High Performance, Premier, Reliant, and Standard Collection. Premier High Performance contains three different series, the Eaglet, Audubon, and SeaWolf. The Premier includes the Ultra, Seahawk, and Horizon series, with the Ultra series having several models available in different colors. The Aerolite and Compact series are within the Standard Collection, and the Reliant only has one series of the same name.


Since Swift manufactures observation binoculars, the magnification levels available are lower than other manufacturers, with the only magnifications available being 7X, 8X, 8.5X, 9X and 10X. Lower magnifications allow for a greater field of view. Every series has a couple magnification options.

The Reliant 7-21X25 Compact Zoom is the only model with a variable magnification and it reaches 21X.

Objective Lens:

Swift offers a moderate 21mm to 50mm range of objective lenses across their binocular products. There are only a few products with less than 30mm with the 800R Mini Micron in the Standard Collection having the 21mm size. Aerolite, Seahawk, and Reliant all have models with the maximum 50mm, but three quarters of the available models have over 40 anyway.

Field Of View (F.O.V.):

The lowest F.O.V on any of Swift's binocular models is 261 ft. at 1000 yd. and the highest is 500 ft. The Eaglet 10X42 has the lowest, but shares the 200 range with only one Ultra model and two Reliant models. The rest have over 300 ft. F.O.V and only 5 above 400 ft. in the Audubon and Aerolite category, with the Aerolite 7X35 Porro having the 500 ft. range.

Product Offering:

Swift offers 29 models of binoculars, 33 if you count the same models available in blue, green, or gray from the Ultra series. Their products are ideal for birdwatching, hunting, and the outdoors. They make use of BaK4 prisms and are multi-coated.

They also make a variety of other optical equipment for multiple uses. They have over 30 rifle scopes, and they also have a few models of both pistol scopes and spotting scopes.

Price Range:

The prices of Swift binoculars range from $65 to $500. The Aerolite series 7X35 can be purchased for $64.94, and the SeaWolf Marine 10X50 shares the most expensive cost of $499.95 with the Audubon ED 8.5X44. The cost of all the models is fairly spread out so everyone is sure to find something within their price range with a few to choose from.


The Swift Sport Optics website has a product registration form. It's recommended that it is filled out upon purchase of your new binoculars, as it will help with warranty claims. The warranty depends on the pair of binoculars. The Premier and High Performance Premier models have a 25 year warranty, protecting against defects and workmanship of the binoculars, and the Reliant models have a five year warranty. They only cover defects from normal use outlined in their instruction manuals and will either repair or replace the pair of binoculars.

Popular Swift Binoculars:

One of the more popular pairs of Swift binoculars is the Premier High Performance Audubon 8.5X44 model for $359.95. It is similar to the other Audubon models, but with some enhancements like an additional roof prism. Swift has made this lightweight version with all the things that made the other Audubon models great. It has a 19mm eye relief for people wearing sunglasses or eyeglasses, the lenses are multi-coated, the casing is made of rubber, and it's waterproof. These binoculars are also covered under Swift's 25 year warranty group.

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