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Tasco has been in business for more than 50 years, and has made it their priority to design quality optical products, and manufacture them so that any family can afford them. In 2002, the company was purchased by another optics manufacturer, but several models are still made under the Tasco name, and it remains America's favorite choice for sport optics.

The binoculars that bear the Tasco name include the latest features, and are built to exacting standards in quality control. In essence, they are designed to give satisfaction for a lifetime.

Tasco makes binoculars for specific uses as well as generic uses. Whether you want to use them for birdwatching, sporting events, or hiking, there is a binocular model suited to it. They have binoculars that are able to handle low lighting, bright lights, and many other conditions less than ideal for normal viewing. Tasco makes high-performance binoculars, yet prices them reasonably, making them inviting to amateurs and professionals alike.


Tasco offers multiple series of binoculars to suit a variety of uses. Their Sierra series has both compact and full size models, but no matter which you choose, they're all waterproof and rugged. For wildlife watching, the Essentials series has affordable, tough, and weather resistant models. For boating, the Offshore series should be your first choice, as they're not only waterproof, but have lens coatings that reduce glare.


There are several levels of magnification on the Tasco binoculars ranging from 7X to 30X. This includes models of both variable and fixed magnifications. The fixed magnifications you'll find on the binoculars are 7X, 8X, 10X, 12X, and 16X. The Offshore series only has 7X models, and the Essentials series has the widest variety. Three models in the Essentials series offer 8-24X25mm, 8-20X50mm, and 10-30X50mm.

Objective Lens:

The range of objective lens size on Tasco binoculars is 21mm to 50mm. While the Essentials and Sierra series offer models with 50mm objective lenses, the Offshore models are all 50mm.

Field Of View (F.O.V.):

With Tasco binocular products, you'll find a F.O.V. range of 158 to 500 feet at 1000 yards. The average range of all models is about 300 feet. The Essentials series is home to both the highest and lowest F.O.V., which should be no surprise since that series makes up more than half of Tasco's binocular offerings, with the 7X35 and the 16X32, respectively.

Product Offering:

Tasco offers 24 different models of binoculars, with more than half of them in the Essentials series alone. They have also made a combination value pack that includes two models of binoculars, 10X42mm and 10X25mm.

Other products Tasco makes in addition to binoculars are spotting scopes, telescopes, and riflescopes. The Essentials series even has a couple of monoculars available. They can be carried anywhere since they easily slip into a shirt pocket.

Price Range:

You'll find a modest range of prices on Tasco binoculars. They can be purchased for as low as $16 for some models, and the most expensive models are available for about $250. One of the Tasco Essentials monoculars is the least expensive model, selling for $11.95, and their most expensive model is the Offshore 7X50 for $255.95. The latter has an internal illuminated compass and rangefinding reticle.


Tasco was purchased by another optics company in 2002. All Tasco binoculars manufactured after September 1, 2002, are printed with a code that specified the year they were made. Products made after that date are entitled to full warranty coverage. Regardless of the date your binoculars were manufactured, you'll need to call customer service for repair or replacement instructions.

Popular Tasco Binoculars:

The sport enthusiast's favorite Tasco binocular model is the Tasco Essentials 8-24X25 Porro Compact Zoom. It’s a compact, lightweight (10.3 oz) $50 pair of binoculars that includes a great deal of power, with a variable zoom for a closer look. The casing is made of rubber to absorb various knocks, bumps, and mishaps while protecting the internal components. This also gives it some weather resistance, even though it's not waterproof. The objective lenses are Rubicon-coated, and the field of view is 212 feet at 1000 yards. In addition to the binoculars, you also get a carrying pouch and a neck strap.

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