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Vortex was started in Wisconsin back in the 1980s. It began as a store that sold supplies for people who enjoyed the outdoors and observing wildlife. They soon found a need to sell sports optics that outdoor activists and wildlife observers used on a regular basis. By stocking popular brands at first and listening to their customers, they were able to assist those brands develop many helpful features.

Binoculars and other sport optics became a large portion of their business, so they decided to start their own brand in the mid-90s. This gave them full control over all aspects of creating the sport optics and allowed them to create their own great models for a variety of users and hobbies. Their expertise in binoculars has grown significantly and they are able to develop unique optics.

The customer is very important to Vortex and it's represented by their VIP warranty since it covers more than just the usual factory defects. Their binoculars are designed with customer feedback in mind instead of forcing customer to choose what the company thinks they need. Vortex focuses on the detail in order to provide great outdoor optics that are both rugged and innovative.


Vortex offers two groups of binoculars, the Vortex and Stokes. The Vortex group has 11 lines of binoculars available with full size, mid size and compact models available. Some of the lines have models in more than one size and their names are "cool". The full size binoculars have six series the Razor, Viper, Fury, Vulture, Diamondback and Crossfire. The mid size binoculars have only three series the Lightning, Spitfire and Fury. There are five series of compact binoculars the Hurricane, Vanquish, Typhoon, Spitfire and Fury. Fury has models in all three sizes while the Spitfire has compact and mid size models.

The Stokes models are binoculars designed by bird watchers for bird watchers. There are less than 10 models in the Stokes group compared to the Vortex group. Bird watchers are sure to find one they like despite the smaller number of available models. The model names are bird related and only come in compact and full size. The Meadowlark series is the only compact line and the DLS, Broadwing and Talon are the full models.


Vortex binoculars offer a variety of binocular magnifications ranging from 6.5X to 15X. The range is extended outside their normal 8X, 8.5X, 10X, 12X and 12.5X magnification models with Vortex only offering one model for both the 6.5X and 15X, the Fury 6.5X32 is a mid size binocular model and the Viper 15X50 full size model, respectively. Most Vortex binoculars will have a magnification of either 8X or 10X.

Objective Lens:

The objective lenses on Vortex binoculars are within a moderate range, with the lowest being 25mm and the highest being 50mm. They are grouped very nicely in terms of objective lens and size. The compact size binoculars all have objective lenses in the 20s, the mid size binoculars are all in the 30s and the full size are over 40mm up to 50mm.

The compact versions of the Spitfire binoculars have the 25mm low, so does the Stokes Meadowlark, and there are nine models with a 50mm high, three full size models from the Razor, Vulture and Viper series.

Field of View (F.O.V):

The F.O.V. on Vortex binoculars is pretty standard as well, ranging from 210 ft. at 1000 yards to 445 ft. at 1000 yards. The models with the highest and lowest F.O.V. are also the same models with the highest and lowest magnification level. The Viper 15X50 has the highest magnification, but it also has the low 210 ft F.O.V, and the Fury 6.5X32 F.O.V. is the high 445 ft. at 1000 yards with the low magnification of 6.5X.

Product Offering:

There are 45 models of binoculars available at Vortex and they are broken down into two groups, Vortex and Stokes. The Vortex group has 38 of the 45 models including full size, mid size and compact sizes, each size with at least three different lines of binoculars each. The Stokes groups is considerably smaller, only having seven models, only offering compact and full size models.

Binoculars are just one of the many products Vortex offers. In addition to the binoculars, they offer other optic products such as riflescopes, spotting scopes, monoculars and various accessories that go with them such as tripods and cleaning kits.

Price Range:

Vortex binocular price range starts with a low $69.99 and goes all the way up to a highest price of $899.99. There are binocular models in most prices so it shouldn't be hard to find one that suits your needs. The $69.99 binocular model is the compact Typhoon 8x26 and the Stokes 10x42 DLS binoculars are $899.99.


Vortex offers a VIP Warranty reflecting the commitment to their customers of absolute satisfaction. Vortex will repair the binoculars at no charge if they need servicing or replace if necessary, not including missing binoculars or intentional damage. Customers shouldn't try to fix or modify their binoculars either. There is no need to fill out a warranty card and the warranty is transferable.

When returning the products, fill out their website repair form. Use a cardboard box for shipping, since they offer better protection, and pad the inside properly. Vortex will assess what needs to be done and what is covered by the VIP warranty. They will contact you if any work requiring payment is necessary before proceeding.

Popular Vortex Binoculars:

One of the good things about the most sought after Vortex model of binoculars is the price. The Vortex 10x50 Vulture binoculars are not the lowest priced model, but not nearly as expensive as the other models at $249.99. They are a rugged pair of water proof and fog proof full size binoculars meant for a variety of weather conditions, yet weigh only 31 oz. The rubber casing makes it comfortable to hold, but it's also tripod ready, and it has an eye relief of 19mm. Included with the binoculars is a custom carrying case, neck strap, rainguard, objective lens covers and their VIP warranty.

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